• Victory . . . . for me and the Blackhawks

    Now that the Blackhawks’ season is over, I can share with you my most enduring memory of the playoffs. Because ESPN prohibits its employees from writing anything about sports for any other outlet, I trust my loyal following – you – will not let them know. I also trust that this blog is not big enough to be considered an “outlet.”
    The day – last Wednesday, otherwise known as Game 6 — started out like any other. That is, I was running late.

  • You Want Pressure? I’ll Give You Pressure

    Pressure, some genius coach or manager once said, comes from within.

    So brilliant was this proclamation, that every other coach and manager alive picked up on it, unimaginative athletes followed and a cliché was born.

    Clearly, none of the geniuses had the kind of day I had Sunday.

    This is pressure, my friends.

    Pressure is navigating O’Hare with your 13-year-old daughter, who you are about to release into the jaws of air travel, a world now so sinister that signs warning of flying with Swine Flu assault the senses and a simple clearing of your throat is grounds for arrest. When you no longer travel often, as I once did, you forget all the savvy traveler shortcuts.